Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am Addicted

Started to blog since 2007 , but now i gets mad for baby apparel..i love babies so much and pernah berangan to gather all babies in this world and putting them in one bungalow..and they all chubby and cutiey...
Tetiba..i get attracted to baby clothing since SURI..alaaa anak Tom Cruise tuh,trigger the fashion for kids..
What i know , because of Suri,fashion industry becoming boombastic dan jutaan billion dollar profits masuk dalam poket company besar..apa saja Suri pakai menjadi kegilaan ibu bapa di Britain..

And thx God,dengan ada lambakan over run stock dapatlah kita merasa juga coz the price jauh lebih rendah..dan tak ada cacat cela nya dengan baju yang di pakai..I have been in US before,pernah pergi ke satu factory di LA yang letak baju2 overrun stock or rejected..i have bought GUESS with US30..xdalah cacat sgt baju tu..but because QC(Kualiti control kat sana ketat),so jadi lah bahan reject.But wat i can see,baju2 branded yang di jual skrg ni from overrun stock bukan rejected stock or bundle..

Hopefully with the opportunity i do dis biz dapat lah semua merasa pakai baju branded.Buat apa bayar lebih sampai 100,200 untuk baju yang kat Mall tu..beli je sini...keh3...

Ok then...i like merapuu....

Till d moon kissessss the skiessssss....daaaa

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

i Love Shopping

 Dear Cutiey Mom's,

Nowadays we live in tech.With this kind of sophisticated life,i am sure mom's out there having no time to shop..huh!! no women can live without ShoPPing yeah...I hope we can share d passion of shopping together especially for our luv cutiey babies...

I'll make sure to give reasonable price and guarantee dat our price is not high.Our item sold here are original ( rejected factory )..there is also imitation ( low price )..i'll update accordingly to avoid customer get cheated..

All d items will upload soon...

Till then..daaaaa